How I Created Smokey Beard From Scratch In 3 Months

This is the story of how I came up with the creation of Smokey Beard and also a guide for many solo entrepreneurs out there to find the motivation and the “how to” in order to be able to start your own little or… big venture!

First of all let me introduce my self. My name is Alex “Angel” Ftoulis and I am a curious, self taught entrepreneur, VIP life coach, author, artist, and project manager. And I looove multitasking!

I never compromised too. Everyone had a regular computer and dreamed of a gaming pc? Not only I had to get it but I had to find a way to get the best parts and also become the best while doing it or NOT DO IT AT ALL. So I came up with AnG3L Mods (Find More HERE)

To achieve that I had to acquire “specialized knowledge” to the field I was currently working, and at this point it was modding. And modding means… well almost everything! From 2D and 3D designing, to be able to function all tools available, from hand tools to heavy machinery, you have to be a God at photography and also a work-log master in order to transform your daily life and work, into a series of photos, videos and a shitload of details after you were sanding 8 hours straight under 40 degrees Celsius with a full on protective suit as you are sanding fiberglass!

Here was also the starting point of my ventures and personal growth as a VIP life coach. At one point I stopped modding as I came almost last at a contest after I did my best mod, something that shocked me really hard as I never expected to “fail” after all those super crazy efforts I did.

Life showed to me the “details” of what I had to do in order to take my self into a different whole new level and be on track once more. Well that didn’t unfolded that easily that’s for sure…

Back then I was smoking, didn’t take care my diet that much and in general I had wrong believes and faults in my psyche due to false programming by family, culture and religion. And I had this kind of crazy awakening where I ended up reading, studying, watching seminars, doing physical and mental exercises and in such intensity when I look back I can’t believe I did all of this. Ofcourse that was the time I stopped smoking, drinking, I went back to gym and I also went vegetarian and then vegan.

I returned back to modding with the promise to my self that I will pay less than 10Euro to finish it, and I will go 1st Worlwide. And that manifested too with my win in Coolermaster’s Modding Contest in the division of Cooler Mods with my entry “Abstract Cooler Mod“.

So I finished my modding journey with this win and as you might have guessed, my obsession to become the best in my domain, moved to coaching and startup projects. Oh well…

Undergoing personal inner changes while grinding on multiple projects its a hell by it’s own.

Doing that while undergoing DNOTS its impossible… yet that’s what guys like me do when their level of obsession is beyond of crazy. And this is the first step of success for avid solo entrepreneurs who just want to do EVERYTHING.

While I was building up my knowledge and creating my personal coaching techniques, I created Angel Arts in order to keep my multitasking level and creativity on an edge and also pay for the Facebook and Google ads and more or less help me evolve as a self taught entrepreneur even more.

The story will require a whole book so here I am after many projects, solo startups and crazy personal experiences in my latest venture. Smokey Beard. How that happened?

Well lately I ended up smoking some “shisha” or nargile as we call it, occasionally at first, then became almost every other day. The expenses and the time I was wasting outside was a no go for me.

So one day while I was walking with my sister, I passed by a vaping store and something called me in. I was hesitating and my sister was like, go for it, I know that you are going to master it, that’s what you always do. And I was like “huh? I will end up with this addiction now?” But yeah…

I bought a good mod with a decent atomizer and I ended up spending 130 Euro which for the first 4 hours I was complaining about it and I even put it for sale when I went home! Cause, something wasn’t completely ok. And that’s the “worst” thing that can happen to me. Cause I ‘ll do anything I can to make it work! As I have it in my mind!! And that was it.

I immediately start engaging my skills with my curiosity and my dissatisfaction towards the mediocre in the search of the best flavor. I was reading articles, watching videos, studying builders, I even went in person and talked for hours with people who had extended knowledge on flavor making, coil builders, you name it, I did it.

So with this and that, I bought anything required to make coils and e juices and I start a crazy 16 hour grind a day with trial and error and while I producing and training my skills I was making deals with factories in China, England and Germany for coils, stands, packaging, drop-shipping and details that I will make available to the investors /and or/ group of companies who are interested in this startup.

I did learn though everything by-myself while I could have others do it for me.

But I am a perfectionist.

And I never discounted on that, not a moment in my life.

So you must do.

Anything I do, I have a crazy inner drive to become the best and I will do it with the minimum possible resources as I grew up from having nothing and living in the streets and I want to show to others that anything is possible and the only thing that keeps as away from our dreams, is our own excuses.

And talking about minimum resources, I discovered a restaurant in my area with a high quality service and food that served their delivery in big carton boxes.

And I thought, “imagine 4 guys grinding in a house on a new startup and they order food daily!” that’s some crazy amount of brand new boxes! So I ended up using them as part of my (not official though) package. Ending up with a much lighter product and also plastic free which means eco-friendly, an approach every entrepreneur must have IMHO nowadays especially. I also did this so none of you will have an excuse at the end of the day and also to introduce my personal approach to packing and selling coils in general! (final packaging will differ)

So in 3 months I created and perfected a big action plan with a complete product line, and also a different new approach to strategic collaborations for increasing the growth of the company way faster as a new innovative entrepreneurial approach I apply to my business models.

That’s a little sample of what I have designed and produced, a part of it you will have the opportunity to purchase through our demo packs as our official pre-release “teasers” and the word teasing is really accurate when you taste Al Capone and Charlies Cookie in one of our Single Series Coil you will be hooked for real!


Also about blogspot and this platform. I used this as ANYONE can go to blogspot and build a blog so I choose something anyone can do. The only add on is that I bought the domain (because the startup is for sale otherwise I was gonna go only blogspot and use to acquire a smaller address!)

If you wanna learn more about how to acquire specialized knowledge or how to overcome common fears and difficulties of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and learn how to successfully conquer your goals, you can find me here >>>

If you are a serious investor or a group of companies that would love to take this startup to the next level I offer a complete action plan, personal product line and product collaborations. This startup works in a 3 different ways, local “brand” production, drop-ship and with strategical collaborations and commissions. For more info and details contact me at

Thanks for your time and I hope you at least smoke and enjoy some of my personal creations. See you at the top!

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